Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Brake For Holidays!

The I Brake For Stamps team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas Holiday Season! We will not be announcing a new challenge this week--instead, we will leave the Vintage challenge open until the new year! We are loving seeing all of the gorgeous Vintage work you've been doing, so keep them coming! Our next challenge will be announced on January 4th! Please join us then to see who will win the Vintage challenge prize and to find out what new challenge we have for you! Until then, have a safe, relaxing time with family, friends, coworkers....stampin' get the picture! Peace :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Brake For Vintage--IBFCC15

Jane Bosi
Holly Brown

Cheryl Rowley

Chris Dickinson

Hi Dee Ho, Folks!! Thanks for joining us for another fabulous I Brake For Challenges challenge! Last time, our Four Seasons challenge was a big hit!! It was so much fun to see everyone's creations! Thank you so much for playing along! Our PRIZE WINNER is Bonnie O'Clair--adorable card, Bonnie! Please contact Della at to claim your prize :)

This week, our challenge is Vintage! Our designers have provided some wonderful inspiration to get things started! Now, let's see what you've got! Our rules are oh, so simple:
1. Have Fun!
2. Please link your project back to this post.
3. Invite all of your friends to play along.
4. Have Fun!!
We don't require the use of I Brake For Stamps images, but we do encourage it! :) We announce a winner and new challenge every two weeks--check back to see wonderful artwork and play often!

Ready? Set? Go!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Brake For Four Seasons--WEE Stamps and IBFCC#14

Artwork by Jane Bosi

Artwork by Robyn Correa

Artwork by Holly Brown

Nancy in Iowa.....come on down!!! Congratulations to Nancy on her win of our last challenge: I Brake For White Out! Please contact Della at , in the next two weeks, to claim your prize!

This week, we are happy to announce both our new challenge AND a new stamps at I Brake For Stamps!
Added to the fantastic array of stamps available at I Brake For Stamps are these wonderful new images from Sylvia Zet. You can see the whole series here after you've enjoyed the inspiration pieces from our designers!

Our CHALLENGE THEME this time around is: Four Seasons. Inspired by the images from the Sylvia Zet Wee Stamps release, our designer had a hard time just picking one! That's good news for you--have fun making a project showcasing your favorite season!

The rule-ios:

1. Have Fun!

2. Please link your project back to this post.

3. Invite all of your friends to play along.

4. Have Fun!!

We don't require the use of I Brake For Stamps images, but we do encourage it! :) We announce a winner and new challenge every two weeks--check back to see wonderful artwork and play often!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Brake For White Out! IBFCC#13

HELLLLLOOOOOO, Stampers!!! In honor of our East Coast friends, we sponsoring a brand new challenge and our theme is: White Out!

But, first, join me in congratulating our winner from last week: Jennifer Scull! Please contact Della, within the next two weeks, at to claim your prize :)

So.......what IS a White Out challenge? Just what it sounds white (or cream colored) cardstock. You'll have to think outside of the box and/or pull out some great techniques that shun the white colored cardstock. I know you can do it!! Our designers have shared some great samples for your inspiration and, now, it's your turn!

We have, but a few simple rules:

1. Have Fun

2. Link your project back to our post here.

3. Tell all your friends ;)

4. Have FUN!!

While we do not require the use of I Brake For Stamp images, it makes us REALLY happy when you do! Shop for rubber stamps or digi images by visiting

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Brake For Halloween! IBFCC#12

Jane Bosi
Cheryl Rowley

Sweet Ms. Della

Holly Brown

Jane Bosi

Hi De Ho, Stampers!!! Let's give a great big Braker shout out to Jennifer Scull for her winning entry for IBFCC#11. Jennifer entered the cutest little number in our Girl Power challenge!! Way to Craft Like A Girl, Jennifer!

YES!!! I love Halloween---who amongst you has enough Halloween stamps to craft for a month or two with no repeats?? I'm not sure why, but I am extremely attracted to Halloween images--not even the spooky stuff! I love all the kiddie, candy, costume-y images. How about you? It's time to strut your stuff for Halloween! That's our theme for this challenge--let's see what you got:

Remember, our rules are simple---you MUST have fun, you MUST link back to our challenge blog in your project post, and you MUST have fun.....oh, did I say that already? We don't require the use of IBFS images, buy why wouldn't you want to? Be sure to check out the IBFS store for all the Halloween goodies you can handle!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wee Girls & Power!--IBFCC11

Silver Fairy by Guest Designer, Suzanne Dean

Sweet Blossom by IBFS Designer, Holly Brown
Silver Fairy by IBFS Designer, Holly Brown
Sweet Blossom by Guest Designer, Chris Dickinson

Winter Fairy by IBFS Designer, Robyn Correa

Wee Suzi by IBFS Designer, Jane Bosi

A GRAND OLD THANK YOU!! to all of the wonderful peeps who played along with us and our Fallin' For You challenge! Louise is our big winner, with a lovely card! I love those geese from IBFS too!! Nice work, Louise!

Because we love you all so much, we have a special suprize--release--that we are celebrating today along with our new challenge! In honor of women everywhere, and Breast Cancer Awareness month, our theme for this challenge is: Girl Power!

All of our designers have used images from a brand new release at I Brake For Stamps! IBFS is proud to now offer Wee Stamps by Sylvia Zet! Sylvia Zet is an amazing artist--a professional children’s illustrator who loves fairy tales and everything that is cute and fluffy. These images are whimsical and oh, so adorable! You can check them out here!

You have two weeks to play along so, there is plenty of time to order your very own Wee Stamp to play along! You don't HAVE to use a Wee Stamp, but you know you're going to want to ;)

Here are the ruley rules:
1. Have Fun!
2. Be sure to link back to the I Brake For Challenges blog in your blog post featuring your Girl Power project.
3. Have Fun!

We don't require the use of an I Brake For Stamps image, but we sure do like it when you do! Please use the tag, IBFCC11 when uploading your project to online galleries, such as Splitcoaststampers or others.

Ready? Set? Girl Power!! Go!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fallin For You......IBFCC#10

Cheryl Rowley

Holly Brown
Jane Bosi
Robyn Correa

Sweet, Ms. Della

....all over ourselves to bring you another great challenge!!! Last week's challenge was well attended--thank you to everyone who submitted their gorgeous work for our Background challenge!! I did visit all of your blogs hoping to leave some love, but alas, I'm still having significant posting problems on some blogs :( Our winner, for the Background Challenge IBFCC#9, is Lynn Ray!! Check her great project out!

WE ARE FALLIN' FOR THIS CHALLENGE!!! That's right! Our new challenge theme is fall! My stampin' Sisters all went the pumpkin route with their inspiration pieces---aren't they great??? Pumpkins make me think of pie!! Here in Wisconsin, fall temperatures mean footie pajama's to me!! I just had to break out that sweet wee one image from the Bedtime Buddies stamp sheet at IBFS!

It's time for you to play along!! WE DO HAVE A PRIZE!!! So, please follow all of our rules: (hee hee)
1. Have Fun!

2. You are not required to use IBFS images, but we sure like it when you do!

3. Please link your post back to the I Brake For Challenges blog.

4. Tell all your friends to play along!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get Back....IBFCC#9

Holly Brown
Jane Bosi

Cheryl Rowley
That's right folks! It's time for another I Brake For Challenges challenge! This week, our challenge is Backgrounds!

You can see from the fabulous inspiration pieces, that there are many ways to interpret this challenge! C'mon and play with us!

Before I get all "ruley" on you, let me give a great big shout out to all the folks who played along in last week's challenge! My! What some amazing work. I do visit all of the Linked In blogs. I also try to leave everyone who plays some love--because I do appreciate you joining us and,that's just somethin' people should be told! Please don't feel slighted if you didn't hear a "thanky" I had some major problems on several blogs and wasn't able to leave a comment :( I'll keep workin' on it!

LYNEEN!!!! You are the winner of our Shabby Chic challenge! {clap, clap, clap and a whoot, whoot!}

Congrats! You'll be contacted shortly about your prize :)

And, now......for the RULES......

1. Have fun

2. You are not required to use IBFS images, but we sure do like it when you do.

3. You must link back to our challenge blog in your post. I sure love the posts that explain a little somethin' about our fun little blog.....

4. Have fun!

Ready? Get those backgrounds rockin.....GO!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shabby Chic -- IBFCC8

Regan Seifert
Jane Bosi
Cheryl Rowley

Holly Brown

Hi Ho, Challenge Players!!! I'm super happy that you've decided to join us for IBFCC8!! We had a small showing for our Back to School challenge. I'd like to thank those fine gals who played along! Our winner is Lawren!! Fantastic projects, Lawren!! You'll be contacted soon regarding your prize!

Speaking of PRIZES......are you ready to play along with our latest challenge??? I might get all "ruley" on you so, please keep reading! :)

Our theme this week, as demonstrated by our lovely DT, is Shabby Chic! If you are unfamiliar with the phrase-ology, you can google it OR, trust me! Shabby Chic = worn or distressed. The terminology is derived from Interior Design and involves either repurposing older items and/or distressing or antiquing new items to make them look old and weathered. In the stamping world, it could be your inks, your technique or your paper choices! You can see from the samples, that there is a WIDE variety of interpretations---THAT means, EVERYONE can play!!

The rules, to be considered for a prize, are as follows:

1. Have Fun

2. Link your post/project back to the IBFCC8 posting

3. You are not required to use IBFS images (rubber or digital), but WE SURE LIKE IT WHEN YOU DO!

4. Tell EVERYONE to play along*

5. Have fun!!

You can do that, right?? Get Ready, Get Set and Go!

*IBFS reserves the right to limit the awarding of a prize when there are less than 7 participants.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back To School--IBFCC #7

Jane Bosi

Regan Seifert

Regan and I are bringing you this week's challenge inspiration......who do you think has more kids?? LOL!!!

I love Regan's sweet card--mine is a bit tounge and cheek!

Before I get too crazy, join me in congratulating Terry on her win for our Christmas In July challenge (IBFCC#6)! You can see Terry's gorgeous card right here.

We are currently introducing the I Brake For Challenges challenge #7! Our theme is Back To School.

Our rules are simple: Have fun, link your post back to this one so others can play along and....did I mention, have fun?

While we love it when you use images (rubber or digital) from IBFS, you don't have to!

Play, play, play along and tell everyone you know!

As we have now moved to an every other week schedule, you will have TWO weeks to play along. The challenge winner will always be announced with the new challenge. YES!!! There is a prize--thanks for asking! Your prize, should you win, will be some free dollars for the IBFS Store--how coolio is that?
Get Ready. Get Set. Go!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas In July!!

Regan Seifert

Jane Bosi

Cheryl Rowley

Holly Brown

That's right, my friends! I am longing for a few flurries and the goodness that comes with the holiday season--including a swift return to school for the kidlets! LOL! Our DT has provided you with some great inspiration this week!

As there is a prize, we have, but a few rules

1. Have Fun!

2. Please link back to us mentioning the challenge in your posting.

3. Have Fun!

I Brake For Stamp images are not required to play along, but we always love it when you do! Add a linky to your project and then tell everyone!!! We play well with others!